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👨‍💻 My name is Junjie(Terence) Liu

👨🏿‍🏫 Education:

🎓 Ph.D Student in Political Science (2023 -- 2027)
🎓 M.Phil in Probability and Mathematical Statistics (2021 -- 2023)
🎓 BSc (Honors) in Statistics (2016 -- 2020)

🔭 Research Interest:

    🚩 Statsitics: Statistical Inference, Causal Inference, and Stochastic Process

    🚩 Machine Learning: Coding, Embedding, and Graph Reprensentation

    🚩 Others: High Performance Cluster and Cloud Native

⚙️ About this site

This site is powerfully built by Hugo. The Hugo’s version can be checked in: workflows/hugo.yml; It is automatically built by GitHub Action and deployed on GitHub Pages, which means in some specific regions it may be suffered by the network when you are openning this site. The website theme is built based on hugo-theme-ladder. I would like to express my gratitude to the author 🙏; the fontface I used in this site is 京華老宋体, a free commercial Chinese font. The discovery of this font was also a coincidence, and the choice of this font was a coincidence.

🫡 For more information:

  📚 Academic: Google Scholar & My Resumé

  📫 My E-mail: bWVAY2tsYXUuY2M=

  🔑 GPG Key: 9DB6 F02A C0F6 903B 5632 F558 1FB0 1AE6 64E8 B1C6