K3s/Kubernetes - Set up a K3s Cluster with your VPS (1)

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Published On: September 24, 2022 (Last updated on: September 26, 2022)
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K3s is a lightweight Kubernetes which is more suitable for the Edge/IoT/CI/ARM scenario/devices. Usually, for person, we do not have multiple high-performance device like 24c server or even higher. Hence, K3s is a way we can learn how to set up a kubernetes cluster.

For me, I am a bare metal fanatic many year ago, but I changed into a Docker user after I know more about virtualization and containers. These OS-level virtualization is more convenient when we are trying to migrate our service, like blog migration, authentication migration, etc.


Here is the list of my device:

Node Name Location Specification OS Network IP
hilbert(server) Tencent Cloud (SH-CN) 4C8G Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Pbulic IP + Wireguard 1.xx.xx.xx +
cantor(server) Tencent Cloud (SH-CN) 2C4G Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Pbulic IP + Wireguard 110.xx.xx.xx +
newton(worker) Tencent Cloud (GZ-CN) 1C2G Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Pbulic IP + Wireguard 119.xx.xx.xx +

The reason I would like to setup K3s over Wireguard is because of the expandability. Once over the wireguard, I could add other VPS/Server into the LAN and as a node of the K3s cluster easily even if the node does not has a networking problem and as the Wireguard is safe enough I do not have to consider the security issues of nodes’ interconnection.

Change servers’ name:

sudo hostnamectl --static set-hostname node1 && sudo hostnamectl  set-hostname node1
sudo hostnamectl --static set-hostname node2 && sudo hostnamectl  set-hostname node2
sudo hostnamectl --static set-hostname node3 && sudo hostnamectl  set-hostname node3

Set up Wireguard

I write a tool which can help me set up the Wireguard configuration (you can also try this tool, and any issue or pull request is welcomed)

  1. Generate a network interface: python add.py network wg0
  2. Add peers: python add.py node wg0 node1 & python add.py node wg0 node2 & python ad.py node wg0 node3
  3. Modify the endpoint: python modify wg0 node1 Endpoint 1.xxx.xxx.xxx & python modify wg0 node2 Endpoint 110.xxx.xxx.xxx python modify wg0 node3 Endpoint 119.xxx.xxx.xxx
  4. Generata Wireguard configuration: python generate.py wg0 node1 & python generate.py wg0 node2 & python generate.py wg0 node3
  5. Copy the Wireguard config to each node: scp node1.conf user_name@node1:~/wg0.conf & scp node2.conf user_name@node2:~/wg0.conf & scp node2.conf user_name@node2:~/wg0.conf

Add static entry to the hosts file:

sudo cat > /etc/hosts <<EOF node1 node2 node3